Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well, Christmas is now past, and this one, unlike the previous holiday, Thanksgiving, was marked by a distinct aversion to partying and whatnot.  Amazing how staying home and doing nothing can become so nice to do!  The hubby has had the last 4 days off, so it has been nice to just stay home and sleep in.  Christmas itself was celebrated by calling home (albeit a day late, lovely time zone changes you know), it was nice to hear everyone (another plus was that two phone calls caught most of the family...great when everyone is in the same house!)  Now, on to New Years Eve, and the start of a whole new year which hopefully brings many good things!  And on the plus side, I can watch the ball drop in NY the next morning and not have to actually stay up til midnight!

In other things, this time off has been good for finishing peacock cross stitch that was my "Korea Project" is completed, only took 6 months!  Finished a pair of socks and a quick scarf that I really didn't need, but just liked the yarn, and started a sweater for the Hubby that I had to rip out and start over after discovering that I'd screwed up measuring the gauge!  Grrrrrrrr!  6 stitches per inch versus 5 stitches per inch is a big deal when you're talking about a sweater...the bit of the bottom I had knitted was skin tight!  Not a great look on a guy...oh well...only 3 days lost!

Anyway, hopefully everyone has a safe and happy New Years..we look forward to returning to the States in May (and missing all that lovely Minnesota winter weather).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to December....

Well, it is now December, so I guess you could safely say winter is here, although I'm not sure it feels like it here.  We've had 2 snowfalls so far...the first one was gone by noon, and second stuck around til noon the next day...but I'm still feeling like it is still fall.  Supposedly the temperatures are supposed to take a nosedive next week to below freezing for a high, but I'll believe it when my nose freezes!  (I'm sure it will happen eventually, but I'm going to continue to live in my fantasy world where Korea doesn't actually get to Minnesota temperatures!)

Since the leaves have all fallen, and its starting to snow, just thought I would share some of the pictures that I took a couple weeks ago at Changdeok Palace in Seoul.  The colors of the fall leaves were gorgeous!