Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A bit of bees...

 Recently Mom purchased a honey extractor for Dad, since the gravity method was messy and inefficient.  We recently had a hive collapse and had some partial frames of honey left.  Rather than leave it out of the other hives to cannibalize, we opted to extract was there was of honey.
 This is one of the frames from the honey super of that hive, and the following picture is of Dad breaking the seals on the honeycomb.  High tech, that there fork. :)

 The frames inside the extractor...

 And here is the extracted honey, complete with tiny bits of wax stuck to the sides and in the honey at the bottom.
 Also with the extractor, we purchased some filters that fit inside 5 gallon buckets, and here you can see the honey coming out the spigot at the bottom of the extractor and going into the filter.  All said and done, we got approximately 3.5 inches of honey in a 5 gallon pail from a honey super that was at maximum only half full.