Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deoksugung Palace

This Tuesday we visited Deoksugung Palace in Seoul.  Horribly easy to get to, right off the City Hall subway stop, and only 1000won admission, it is a nice, easy, and cheap afternoon.  The grounds are very nice, and the buildings are cool, and conveniently explained in both Korean and English, so we actually were able to know what we were looking at.  There is also an art museum within the palace grounds, but unfortunately it was closed for remodeling or something.  The Rodin museum down the street was also closed...so it just was not my day to indulge my Art major past.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from the Palace.

 The main receiving hall...there is a picture of the interior farther down.
 A water clock that was removed from a building that was demolished due to construction or modern streets and whatnot...the price of progress.
 Interior of the receiving hall
 Part of the changing of the guard ceremony outside the main gate to the palace grounds.
 One of the walkways on the grounds.
Pretty much a random, but pretty, building.  I'm sure it had a function, and a plaque explaining said function, but I don't remember seeing it...its probably explained in the brochure tho.  Might have just been an entrance to the compound or something.

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